4 Reasons Why A Court Reporter Can Type So Fast

26 July 2015
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If you have ever watched a court reporter in action, you have probably been pretty impressed by the speed at which one of these professionals can type. Even those who type very fast on their at-home or at-work computers often can't imagine typing nearly as fast as a court reporter, who has to document every single word that is said in a courtroom with accuracy. However, there are a few things about court reporters that many people don't know; these are a few reasons why they are able to type so fast.

1. They Use a Special Keyboard

If you have never taken a look at the type of keyboard that a court reporter uses, then you might be surprised to find that it looks a lot different from the basic computer keyboard or typewriter that you might be used to. This machine is known as a stenotype machine. It has fewer keys than your average keyboard or typewriter, and the buttons are positioned differently. This machine is designed to make typing quickly a lot easier, and it can usually be customized to suit the individual court reporter's needs and preferences.

2. They Use Shorthand

Court reporters do not type out entire words when they are documenting what is going on in a court room. Instead, they have established shorthand methods that they use to avoid all of this typing. Most of them have their own methods of shorthand that they feel most comfortable and experienced with.

3. They Listen for Sounds Instead of Words

Many court reporters are not listening to the words that are being said as many people think they are. In many cases, they are simply listening for sounds that they can type without even thinking about what these sounds mean. This prevents them from getting distracted and allows them to type everything that is said without missing anything.

4. They Have Special Training

Court reporters generally have a lot of special training, such as learning all of the common court terms and taking English classes to sharpen up their grammar and spelling skills to help prevent errors. They are often taught tips and tricks in school to help them type more expediently as well.

Court reporters are pretty impressive when it comes to their typing speeds. If you've always wondered  how they type so fast, consider these four reasons. If you are looking for a court reporter, talk to a company like G & M Court Reporters & Video.