What Is A Borescope? It Just Might Help You On The Job

31 July 2015
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Most cars--especially compact sizes--have their engine and compartments in small areas, making certain parts in the car harder to get to it. Your time is valuable and worth money.Thankfully, you might find a simple solution by using a flexible borescope to assist you on the job.  

So What Is A Borescope?

A borescope, in essence, is a camera that is at the end of a rigid tube that you can use to penetrate small areas without removing any compartments. The boroscope's camera has a light to help you see where the light does not reach and usually produces images in high definition. A good boroscope has the following features:

  • Micro SD that you can use to tag images and videos for easy access and customer-specific filing. 
  • A touch-sensitive control that you can use to navigate the end of the tube. 

You can talk to your borescope specialist about other features that might be helpful to you and your needs. 

What Else Can You Do With A Borescope?

Error codes can easily tell you where the problem may be, but some issues are harder to decipher because the problem might signal a few different areas in the car you are inspecting. You may also encounter vehicles that are too old to be equipped with a proper system's error detector, which is another reason you should consider a borescope.

You have probably thought of a few things that you can do with a borescope, but just in case, here are some examples where this gadget can prove helpful:

Transmission Gears

The rigid tube is strong enough to travel through the transmission fluid container to see if the gears or any other compartment is damaged without completely opening the transmission system. 

Vacuum Leaks

Most mechanics will waste time trying to find a vacuum leak by listening for it or using chemicals. But you can cut half that time by simply inserting your borescope through each hose to find the leak. 

Leaks In General

One of the most common problems is a leak, but the compartments in a vehicle may make a leak drip in an opposite direction of the source as oppose to a straight down. This is especially true for compact vehicles, since the engines tend to be crowded, which makes it harder to locate the leak. A borescope will help you find the leak so you don't have to remove any compartments until you are sure of its location. 

Remember that using a borescope will not only help quicken your work time, but it could also entice customers to your business because you will be using specialized equipment that other mechanics may not be using.