How To Connect An IP Nanny Camera

20 August 2015
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In April of 2015, a nanny in Connecticut was accused of burning and beating a three-year-old child. The parents of the little girl had a nanny camera in place, and the footage showed the nanny placing the hands and legs of the child on what appeared to be hot stove burners. However, without the proof provided by the video feed, the nanny's explanation that the child had simply burned herself would have been difficult to disprove. 

If your child is being cared for by a nanny inside your home, an internet protocol (IP) security camera can keep you informed of exactly how your child is being treated. Video footage is unbiased and difficult to refute. Once you have purchased your IP surveillance camera, you can follow these steps to install it in your home:

Choose Your Placement Locations

With a wireless IP camera, you don't have to worry about bulky cables or proximity to a power outlet. You can simply place the camera in an area with a wide, unobstructed view of the living space that is being surveyed. In addition, new cameras often use an 802.11 n protocol, which has a wider range than the 802.11 g, so you don't even have to keep the camera close to a receiver. 

When you place your camera, select an area of your home where your child is often kept by the nanny or babysitter. Areas like the living room, den, kitchen and bedrooms, are typical places where a nanny may spend time with your little one. Be careful not to install a camera in an area like a bathroom where it could be considered an invasion of privacy.

Install Your Camera's Software

Your current wireless network will support most wireless cameras. You simply have to connect the video camera to the network using the camera installation wizard on your computer. Your camera will come with an installation disk for use if the wizard does not work properly. In addition, you may have to connect your camera to a computer using an Ethernet cable during setup, but the cable can be disconnected after installation.

Be sure to install the associated apps for your camera on your computers and smartphones for remote viewing. The names of the apps and the site locations for downloading should be listed in the instruction manual of your camera.

View the Video 

As soon as your camera is properly installed, you should be able to access live video over the Internet. Make any necessary adjustments to the placement of your camera for the best viewing angle.

Having a surveillance camera in your home can provide peace of mind when your child is being cared for by a nanny. To select the best camera for your home, contact a security camera specialist in your area like Home Theatre Designs