How To Connect An IP Nanny Camera

20 August 2015
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In April of 2015, a nanny in Connecticut was accused of burning and beating a three-year-old child. The parents of the little girl had a nanny camera in place, and the footage showed the nanny placing the hands and legs of the child on what appeared to be hot stove burners. However, without the proof provided by the video feed, the nanny's explanation that the child had simply burned herself would have been difficult to disprove. Read More 

What Is A Borescope? It Just Might Help You On The Job

31 July 2015
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Most cars--especially compact sizes--have their engine and compartments in small areas, making certain parts in the car harder to get to it. Your time is valuable and worth money.Thankfully, you might find a simple solution by using a flexible borescope to assist you on the job.   So What Is A Borescope? A borescope, in essence, is a camera that is at the end of a rigid tube that you can use to penetrate small areas without removing any compartments. Read More 

4 Reasons Why A Court Reporter Can Type So Fast

26 July 2015
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If you have ever watched a court reporter in action, you have probably been pretty impressed by the speed at which one of these professionals can type. Even those who type very fast on their at-home or at-work computers often can't imagine typing nearly as fast as a court reporter, who has to document every single word that is said in a courtroom with accuracy. However, there are a few things about court reporters that many people don't know; these are a few reasons why they are able to type so fast. Read More